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Friday, 20 March 2009

First impressions on IE8

So, Windows Internet Explorer 8 is out. As is Google Chrome (In the sense that it is not a beta any longer).

I tried both today and here are my impressions on IE8:

It features better standard compliance, especially when dealing with CSS, but it somehow managed to misunderstand the CSS for the title of this blog, so I changed it even though it worked well in every other browser I tested.

The interface has grown bigger and now it takes an awful amount of the screen real-state for resolutions up to 1280x1024.

Fonts look weird. Some kind of font-edge enhancement must be the culprit, I just couldn't find where to disable it (if it is at all possible) in the five minutes I spent trying.

In the end of the day it is, still, the same old IE, the bad boy in the arena.

What about Chrome? It did not crashed a single time while I was testing it(about 45 minutes). It is as fast as it can be and it does not crashes every once in a while! I'm impressed. All it lacks now is a proper Linux port. That and Firefox extensions...

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