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Friday, 17 April 2009

Cheat Sheets!

Back when I was in school, teachers told me that they were bad and I would be in serious trouble if I were to be caught using one of them. Then I went to college and the professors there told me to use them, they even printed and stapled them with some of my exams! But I never thought of them as something I would be using while working with the Web.

Then, on April 2005, while I was visiting (now it's called “Added Bytes”), I saw that Dave had made an PHP Cheat Sheet! At first, I didn't knew what to think about it, but I downloaded and printed it and, not knowing where else to put it, I had it glued on the wall behind my monitor. Soon after, I noticed I was typing PHP code much faster than before, my visits to had diminished a lot and, thus, I was remembering much more about it than I've ever did before!

A week or so later, Dave posted another one! This time it was an CSS one! Quickly I became addicted to it, to the point that I would turn on the lights (so that I could see them) whenever I was going to code.

As time went by, I downloaded the new ones he posted and scrapped the old ones. Still, I have a set of them on the wall in front of me even today, though I don't look at them not nearly as much as I did before.

Whether you are still learning HTML, CSS, etc. or if you're already a pro, take my advice: download them and have them glued to the wall behind your monitor, they'll be invaluable.

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